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Example Argentine Entrepreneurship Online Auto Insurance Search Engine

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  • Example Argentine Entrepreneurship Online Auto Insurance Search Engine

    At the beginning of 2011, elMe began with the publication of the First Online Auto Insurance Search Engine for all of Argentina thanks to the unparalleled effort and dedication of Ing. . At this time, more than 350 Insurance Consultations are made daily. Everything was born from giving a real and concrete solution as it already exists in the First World, such as England, Spain or the United States so that simply by completing a small questionnaire to obtain the Comparison of all Car Insurance and then find the one that best meets your needs to have the best coverage in Argentina avoiding having to go from Insurance Company to Insurance Company in search of the best Price in Product/Quality between Insurance Companies such as Liberty El Comercio Seguros and Allianz de Autos.

    The objective is to add more than 20 Insurance offers to compare , the intention is that you always have and find the best alternative. The Service is Free and does not carry any obligation. The Best Insurers are offered so you can drive with peace of mind. is an Entrepreneurship/Company at this time that in principle began at the end of 2008 with its development and has been in operation since the beginning of 2009. It can be seen as a search Industry Email List engine for Financial Services and now Insurance, where You will not have to go looking for Bank by Bank, waiting in long queues or having 10 Internet pages open with Bank portals .

    But you will be able to search, compare and find the best Loans and also all the Financial Services throughout Argentina and the most beautiful thing is that it is quickly, easily and without having to register. Without going around, the main objective of the founders of is to meet the need of customers to have a clear and efficient comparison, saving them time, effort and money in the search and comparison of all entities . If one needs to have a customized summary for each need, as there were a large number of Banking and Financial Entities (including Insurance Companies) in the market that issued Personal, Mortgage and Pledged Loans (now also Auto Insurance), while on the other hand of the village.