Программное обеспечение для крюинговых компаний
Crew Inspector (Латвия)
Это онлайн программное обеспечение специально разработанное для использования крюинговыми компаниями в морской индустрии. Используется судовладельцами, управляющими компаниями, агентами и крюинговыми компаниями.
Crewing CRM (Украина)
TCrewing CRM is the software solution of two main problems for the maritime crewing agencies such as gathering and organization of information (sailors, ship owners and other members), optimization and automation of the working process in the maritime industry.
Anker Seacrew Software (Нидерланды)
Seacrew is crewing and planning software used for your crew management within the maritime industry. Seacrew software we help maritime organizations with their daily process of: crew scheduling, crew changes, travel, training, payroll, management reporting.
Codie Software Products (Германия)
CODie is Germany's second biggest vendor of ship and crew management solutions. The best management software for vessels and shipping companies. Our planned maintenance management is in use on-board 350 vessels and we have served the maritime community for over 20 years.
Mastex Software (Нидерланды)
With a diverse range of modules, MXSuite offers several possibilities that can optimize and facilitate the management of your fleet. From maintenance to certificates and from purchasing to crewing, MXSuite offers you a structured management solution.
Ship Mate (Индия)
Our feature rich Crew Management System and Payroll Software for Ships, addresses both basic and advanced needs of Ship Fleet Owners, Ship Managers and Manning/Crewing companies. The product supports Crewing and its related operations like Planning, Crew appraisals, Allotments, P & I both in your offices as well as onboard your vessels.