Please, help: navigation through Dnieper river - limitations of the ship size
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    Question Please, help: navigation through Dnieper river - limitations of the ship size

    First of all, sorry for my English. My native language is French and I'm not young enough in my late 60s to learn new language quickly.
    I have some question regarding navigation on Dnieper river on my trawler-styled yacht, because I'm planning to visit Ukraine by water in the summer of 2018. Yes, there is still many time for considering all and every details and facts, more than a year and half, but I prefer to be ready as early as possible and know all information needed.
    We (I am, my family - wife and two adult sons) planning to visit Odessa and, IF it is possible, Kiev.
    But for now I don't know anything about limitations of navigation on Dnieper river, on it's river locks, etc. on les routes maritimes.
    What depths, and so on.
    My full displacement yacht is very heavy for it's size, with deep draft... I will provide characteristics of my ship and can you, please, say - would it be available for me to go from Black Sea to the city of Kiev on my yacht.

    Length overall: 23.99 metres.
    Length waterline: 22.120 metres.
    Beam (moulded): 7.350 metres.
    Depth (moulded): 3.880 metres.
    Draft Max: 3.290 metres.
    Displacement (lightship): 124.70 tonne.
    Displacement departure: 180.45 tonne approx.

    Thank you very much for your help!
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    Dear Renard

    All you need is detailed maps of Dniper River. General map is available here

    More details you can find here:

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